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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Professional (Pay As You Go) pricing work?

Billing begins when your first invited participant confirms. The daily participant fee will apply until that participant is marked as complete.

Each participant adds $1/day once they confirm. For example:

5 participants x 18 days x $1/day = $90

When a participant is marked as complete before others, they will no longer be counted in the daily fees as your project continues.

How long do I pay for participants?

You pay for participants on obvi until they are moved to "Complete" on the project Plan. So, as soon as you are finished sending out assignments and gathering feedback from a participant, move them to Complete. This will ensure that you are not billed for time you are not conducting research.

Can I still message or pay participants after marking them complete?

Yes! You can message or pay participants for up to 3 weeks after marking them as complete.

How long can I access my project after completing it?

When all participants are marked as complete, you can still use all obvi features. You can highlight, print, theme, and export as you normally would. You can pay participants and message them for up to 3 weeks–plenty of time to wrap things up.

There is currently no time limit for all account types. The project will be accessable unless you choose to delete it from obvi.

In the future, we will likely need to archive old projects for free or pay as you go accounts after some months of inactivity. We will never hold your data hostage. Of course, you can also export all project data at any time.

How many participants can I have in a project?

There's no hard limit, but obvi was designed for focused qualitative research with relatively small groups. While we've done large national projects lasting several months with 30 or more participants, many projects have just a handful.

What's great about obvi is that with no setup, it is easy (and inexpensive!) to start small projects the moment you need them.

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Writing result-oriented ad copy is difficult, as it must appeal to, entice, and convince consumers to take action.
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