obvi is: uncomplicated design research

Simple & Powerful

Don't overthink it

When you get too focused on crafting perfect research, it's easy to forget to actively listen. obvi is a simple, lightweight tool that lets you quickly learn and adapt as you go.

Sending an assignment message is as simple as texting. We prompt for a deadline as a best practice (it helps your participants!), but there are no screens filled with radio buttons, switches, or drop-downs.


Highlight, print, and group responses into Themes


Response quotes, images, and videos can be highlighted to remember later for synthesis. Print pre-formatted cards for easy synthesis and sharing with your team.


Create themes and group your quotes and media within them. Each theme can have a title and subtitle, making them a great way to capture insights.

Privacy By Design

Privacy for your Participants

Our very first design principle is privacy. We store only what you will need: name, phone number, and mini-bio. In fact, participant names are shortened to use the first-name, and phone numbers are not revealed to collaborators.

Text and media is all stored encrypted until viewed, and urls of media are not shareable.

At any time, you can download all of your project data and remove all records from obvi.