The Messages screen is the new home base for your project while it's live. This replaces and consolidates the Responses, Journals, and Chat screens into a single, real-time view. Instead of multiple screens, you get a familiar chat experience where you can communicate with participants and highlight their responses as they come in. You can also send a message-all or pay participants from the Messages screen. Highlights continue to be grouped by assignment in the Highlights screen, where you can see the important items for all participants side-by-side. 

We think this new version is more intuitive and creates better context for on-going conversations with participants. It is part of our larger v3 project, which also includes:

If you have ideas, questions, or frustrations, please let us know. For reference, we soft-launched in November with our first public version and are now on our third major release–obvi moves fast!

We will continue to respond to your feedback to make obvi a simple, powerful, and flexible tool that will empower you to do great research on every project. 

Cheers! 🥳

- obvi team