Your participants completed all of their assignments, you’ve made your highlights, and you’ve sent out your final payments. You did it! You’ve just completed your diary study! 🙌  

Now what?

It's time to export your data! It was important for us to make it easy for researchers to export their diary study data and to delete it too. After all, two of our core principles at obvi are Privacy-First and Get Out of the Way. We have a few easy ways to get all of your diary study data to you.

Export from the obvi project Home page:

Click  the “Download” button on the obvi homepage in the lower left box named Actions. This will create a spreadsheet of responses and highlights. It will also make folders with all media assets—photo and video—submitted during the study. All of these will be put into a handy zip file.

Note: If you’ve had a lot of video assignments, this zip file will be BIG and take some time to download. Please be patient as this file creates itself!

Export by clicking download on the obvi home page

Export from the Highlights page:

If you’ve been analyzing as you go on obvi, you’ll have a page full of highlights. From the Highlights page, you can export just the highlights you’ve made, along with any media responses you’ve highlighted. This will create a spreadsheet of highlighted quotes with participant attribution and a folder for each project assignment with both images and videos. All we be put in a handy zip file.

The export button on the Highlights page will copy quotes only

Pro tip: If you want a quick way to copy just the text of the quotes you’ve highlighted, you can do that too! Hit “Copy to quotes to clipboard” to copy just the quotes so you can insert directly into your word, presentation, or other software of choice.

Export just the quotes to your clipboard

Congrats on completing your diary study. Now onto the hard work of translating those insights into meaningful, better design for all of us.