It’s easy to think that digital diary studies are “set it and forget it” and can be done entirely online. We’ve found that the successful digital diary studies involve a significant human touch in the setup and continues throughout the entire study. Before you launch your next digital diary study on obvi text, here are three tips for success:

Set expectations

It’s one thing to fill out a’s another thing entirely to commit to the actual diary study. Participants need a clear guide to help them understand what’s happening, how much time is expected of them, and how often. Share an overall expected time commitment with participants to help them understand what they’re signing up for. (And honor that commitment!)

Invest in onboarding

Before the digital diary study begins, it’s important to talk to the participants over the phone. Call each participant and answer any questions they may have about the project or the on-boarding process. This shows you’re invested in their answers during the study and lets them know there's someone to ask for help during the project!

Extra tip: Build in extra time to talk to parents/guardians if you’re working with minors.

Stay in touch

Make sure to be on-hand to answer questions and provide support throughout the study, not just at the outset. Participants are sure to have questions or may need a quick reminder. Knowing someone is available--and cares--throughout the study is essential.

To wrap up: be transparent with your expectations, take the time to call everyone, and be on call throughout the entire diary study. Your participants will appreciate it, and your research outcomes will benefit too. 🛫